About Us

Our story

In 2018, Morteza officially became the CEO of the organization. At that time, Atie had been working in the research department of the organization for five years. Since then, the two of us started working closely together, not only to continue the organization’s mission of protecting the Asiatic Cheetah but also to improve and enhance many processes. In the same year, due to the critical situation of Asiatic Cheetah in Iran, we decided to temporarily allocate all our resources and efforts to solely focus on protecting these magnificent creatures.
Things were progressing well, full of new ideas and innovations, until COVID-19 arrived and made our work even more challenging. Nevertheless, none of our projects were halted, and we even initiated the work on the main Asiatic Cheetah habitat in Iran.
For a few years, our work was primarily focused on research and conservation in Miandasht wildlife refuge. However, starting in 2019, we also began our work in the Turan Biosphere Reserve. In 2020, we decided to take our commitment to the next level and got married because we realized how similar our goals and perspectives were in both our personal and professional lives. Together, we pledged to do everything in our power to safeguard the wildlife of our homeland.
Our marriage made us even more coordinated in our efforts, nurturing our ideas so that we can learn and leave no stone unturned in our mission to protect the Asiatic Cheetah population.

Marriage, an Event that Aligned Our Paths

Morteza proposed to Atie four years ago on the beautiful Kish Island. At that time, they both knew that they were meant to spend the rest of their lives together. They had a strong belief that they could not only align their professional and work paths but also support each other’s personal growth and development.

They wanted their wedding ceremony to be a unique and unforgettable experience for themselves, but due to the unusual circumstances of the world caused by COVID, it was not a normal time. However, they did not let this dampen their spirits, and instead, they decided to celebrate their wedding in the world’s largest Asiatic Cheetah habitat. The ceremony took place in one of Iran’s most beautiful national parks, where the majestic Asiatic Cheetahs had left their mark on the soil countless times. In this special place, Morteza and Atie made a commitment to do everything in their power to preserve the habitat of these beautiful creatures. 

Beautiful Moments We Experienced

It had been three years since we last recorded any Asiatic cheetah in the Miandasht Wildlife Refuge, a place where we had documented cheetahs’ families in the past. Finally, after obtaining permission to install camera traps in Turan Biosphere Reserve, we initiated a systematic camera-trapping effort there. Nothing could relieve the fatigue of the rigorous and extensive study like capturing the image of an Asiatic cheetah mother and her two cubs. This event occurred soon after, just a month into our efforts.
When the two of us went to check one of the cameras, we found the image of an Asiatic cheetah mother and her two cubs among the photos. This became one of the most memorable moments we experienced together, one that we will never forget.
*Her name is Khorshid, the cheetah, and she remains one of the key figures in Turan BR.